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All sorts of training for all sorts of riders
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Our aim is to provide a thrilling and affordable training experience.

Each event is monitored so that we can continue to improve on the facilities, procedures and overall experience for the riders and their horses. Riders are surveyed to provide the opportunity for attendees to have an input to shape future events.

On this page you can see some of the feedback we have received and why many riders come back time and time again.

6th Sept 2013 - Kelly Thackham
I loved it , was only a helper and a newbie to camp this time but will be returning in MAY with one of my horses. thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome. 

6th Sept 2013 - Clare Higgins

After 2 years of suffering a life threatening illness (to which i am clear) and my boy having 2 years off work this weekend has given us both something to look forward to and work towards. My horse has been very excitable and with the help of friends and the coaches we finally became one.  thank you Jane and the AR group! xx

6th Sept 2013 - Leandra Mallinson
Really enjoyed myself - had a few issues with my mare on the first day but with the help and support of the "family" was fab!

6th Sept 2013 - No Name
Cant believe the change in my level of confidence - brilliant time!

Nicky Durrance 6th Sept 2013
Though my horse went lame on the first day it was still a great experience for both of us and I made a lot of new friends.  See you next year 

6th Sept 2013 - Erica Peachey
I think the camp is really professionally run from our point of view - everything is stress free and runs perfectly.  We really appreciate it - please dont think about not running more!

6th Sept 2013 -no name
Had a lot of fun ans well as trying new things on my horse

Hayley Baker 6th Sept 2013
It was brilliant as usual, thank you very much - cant wait till october

6th Sept 2013 -julie thwaites
Really enjoyed myself

6th Sept 2013 - No name
Providing my aged bones can stand it - i will do many more

6th Sept 2013 - Debra jones
Had the time of my life - would highly recommend

6th Sept 2013 - no name
Have formed a great bond with my young horse over one weekend!  I have had her since she was 2.

6th Sept 2013 - Elaine Brewer
Had a fantastic time as always - thank you

6th Sept 2013 - Dawn Field
Pony Club for adults with alcohol - so friendly

6th Sept 2013 -no name
As a guest and rider its the best horse fix ever!

6th Sept 2013 - Hazel Kirkahm
This was my first time and i would def come again -it was better than BSPS, PUK and equifest - I am converted!

6th Sept 2013 - Tamara Collis
Fantastic camp - great relaxed atmosphere.  We came away much improved

6th Sept 2013 - Vicki Struthers
The service provided is excellent - AR team is very friendly - a big thumbs up!

6th Sept 2013 - Lola Stark
It was a lot of fun!

6th Sept 2013 - Lucy Thwaites
We will be returning

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