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All sorts of training for all sorts of riders
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Active Horse Camps

Coaches at our camps are taught by riding instructors with years of professional experience. Students at the camp are placed into classes with riders or handlers of the same capability; this is grouped following a capture of information when people book on.

Riders bring their own horses. Typically we ride twice a day - split across the morning and afternoon. Normally there are 2-4 students in each class and this varies depending on the discipline. A photographer is sometimes present to get some memorable action shots from your activities. Our training can be held indoor, on outdoor ménage’s, show grounds or on a cross-country course.  Some of our themed camps eg: The Confident Partners Camp – have you with your horse up to 5 hours per day! Check out each camp details for more information.

Where possible we put together a tailored program of lessons to suit your interests and capabilities.

Safety is of paramount importance so that you can always enjoy your equestrian activities. Riders must always wear suitable protective clothing and hats and trainers will monitor the fitness of your horse to make sure that horse or rider does not overstep the mark where safety is concerned. Riders are discouraged from taking risks and if they are unsure about something then they are encouraged not to go any further.

All our events are non competitive – therefore riders often relax, join in and make new friends whilst learning.

Typically there are around 35 riders at a camp. Many of the attendees travel from an area within 100 miles of the venue - some travel from much further a field.

Some riders bring more than one horse. Stabling can be provided for more than one horse per rider. Please discuss this with Active Rider.

Usually on the first evening of a residential event the group will all get together for an explanation of the camp facilities and activities. At some events we arrange meals with caterers so that you can concentrate on settling your horse in without the hassle of cooking.

As well as riding there will be interesting opportunities for talks and demos, even course walks with the experts. All this is finalised and you are notified of the camp detail by email or letter just prior to the event.

You will be kept really busy at our events Active Rider events are great for:

  • those looking to improve
  • those bringing on a young horse
  • moving up the competition ladder (ie: Intro to PN etc)
  • moving onto the competition ladder (ie: First BE/Dressage/SJ/Search for a Star etc)
  • cementing a new horse/rider combination
  • kick starting horse and rider
  • those who want to socialise with their horse in tow!
  • those who want to enjoy quality time with their horses and friends
If you need to speak to us please contact Jane on 07736 872307 we are friendly and welcoming and look forward to meeting you.