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The Zoe Milton Bursary

Active Rider Fundraising so far:

£84,000 for Bolton Hospice in 2014

£23,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust in 2015

£9,000 for North West Air Ambulance in 2016

£14,065 for When You Wish Upon a Star in 2017

£10,004.38 for When You Wish Upon a Star in 2018

£17,257.68 for Andy's Man Club who aim to reduce male suicide in 2019.




Active Rider offer a "Training bursary" for a limited amount of riders per year who:

  • suffer from a life threatening illness and still ride
  • have been faced with a life threatening illness within the last 18 months
  • or have suffered extreme hardship - ie: bereavement etc

Each application is judged on its own merit – some applicants will be offered a discount, some may attend free of charge and some are unfortunately declined.

Each application is made in strict confidence.

There are a limited amount of Active Rider bursary’s each year.

Active Rider wants to make sure that we not only provide a thrilling weekend of training but we have are an organisation with a social conscience.

Please contact us to apply. (you must see the T&C's below)

 Terms and Conditions for camp bursary applications

  • We will need written evidence of your challenge/situation emailed to in no more than 300 words
  • Please provide us with a contacts name, who, with your authority, is a professional person we can contact to validate your application
  • Active Riders decision is final – you may apply again the following year should you be declined
  • Only one bursary per person is permitted
  • Bursary’s are not transferable
  • Bursary’s exclude cost of all your meals at camp and any 1-1 treatments or purchases made

Please apply in the spirit this is intended. Remember we only have a limited amount of bursary's available per year. We will update this page when the years intake is full. 



Previous Beneficiary's & Active Rider Charity work:

 November 2020

A place for the November camp was awarded to this lady, following her mums application. 

I would like to nominate my lovely 26 year old daughter for the freeplace in November. It is 12 months since xxxx was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, for which she underwent extensive surgery, as the tumours had gone into her chest, and this was followed up byradioactive iodine treatment at the beginning of this year, just before lockdown. She was so sick, but so brave. The first time she got back on her horse, she fell straight off over shoulder, as she couldn’t sit up and keep her balance for any length of time. She has persevered and is now jumping back up to 90 cm, but has to work hard and be prompted about her posture, as she has a loss of sensation around her shoulder.
XXX went back to work in the the NHS a few months ago, in HR, and has recently got herself a promotion. During this time she has also supported her boyfriend as he had to have surgery on his leg following a RTA. This has been a hard year for her, with covid added on top, and a loss of some of her support structures because of this, but she is trying so hard to re build her life, I know she would love this opportunity. The timing would be perfect, as the Nov weekend is between her going to Christie’s and having scans, and her follow up appointment for results, so would be a perfect way to keep her mind occupied on something she loves. The prognosis from the cancer is good, but she will live with life long consequences of the surgery, and loss of her thyroid gland.

October 2020

A place to The April 2021 camp was awarded to a lady who has a business totally impacted by Covid forcing her to make staff redundant, her horse was kicked in the field and her husband died on the same day her horse was kicked. We are looking forward to welcoming her to camp.


 November 2019 we raised£17,257.68 for Andy's Man Club who aim to reduce male suicide

We ran a charity ball at The Mere in Cheshire for circa 230 people, raising over £17k for this fantastic and much worthy charity

November 2018 - When You Wish Upon a Star Charity 

Thank you so much for theamazing donation of £10,004.38, which you raised at your 2018 Active Riders Ball at The Hallmark Hotel.Over the last two years Active Riders have raised a phenomenal £24,285.70, this amount of money is something we don’t come across every day, we solely rely on donations to carry on doing the work we do, you have enabled us to say yes to so many more precious wishes like Amy’s. 

Thank you so much again, for your continued support and helping us to make more dream wishes, a reality. Jen Hughes,Regional Fundraiser


January 2018

Training Camp bursary award to Emily Gregson - The last 18 months have been particularly difficult for my husband and I but 2018 promises to be a little better thanks to Jane, here at Active Rider. I've been awarded a place at camp this year as a bursary, so I would like to say a very big thank you for this opportunity :-) We lost our daughter in November 2016 and as part of the healing process we have been doing some fundraising this summer. We took two fabulous hairy cobs and a horse drawn wagon (it looks like a pioneers wagon) to the south of France, something we had never done before. We even had to learn to drive especially for the journey. We had some amazing times with our ponies and made 2 hairy best friends. For those who are interested in what we got up to please go to or find Elsie's Journey on Facebook, where there are lots of blogs and pictures.


October 2017- When You Wish Upon a Star charity

 The fund raising team did it again - this time in memory if Amy Allen, who was granted a wish by When You Wish Upon a Star to ride a pony on the beach.  The pony was provided by Holly Charnock and her mum from Bowlers riding school.  This had a lasting affect on Holly and her mum Karen and we all gladly agreed to raise money for this wonderful charity this year.  We held a ball and ran some auctions on line raising just over £14k.

 April 2017

In October 2014 my world turned upside down, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Grade 3, 5cm IDC although not in the lymph nodes it was found in the lymphatic vessels. When i was 18 both my parents were diagnosed with cancer and very sadly both my parents died in their early 50s. With this experience when I was diagnosed I thought this was it for me my time was up. My treatment consisted of a mastectomy in November, chemotherapy started just before Christmas. I had a few days in hospital having to be put on an infusion to stop the sickness luckily I was allowed out on Xmas day with my infusion still going. I had a few reduced and delayed chemotherapy rounds as my body was being hit too hard and my white cell count dropped too low. After this followed radiotherapy which finished in June 2015. I will be 2 years from treatment in June and still No evidence of disease. I continue on hormone therapy drug Tamoxifen which hopefully will keep any rouge cells at bay. While I was having chemotherapy I saw a beautiful horse for sale on line and I went to try her on a good week and decided life is too short and bought her. She got me threw treatment and helped me recover she's an amazing horse and I was so thrilled to get a bursary from Active Rider so I could develop that bond with her and progress with our training. Camp was amazing packed full of opportunities great teaching and lots of fun. I even got to sit on my horse side saddle, something I have always wanted to do. Thank you Jane Walker for the bursary it's been a great experience and given me super memories


September 2016, at the end of another busy camp summer, Active Rider donated £250 to Coppafeel 

Coppafeel sent Boobettes to Active Rider Camps & these Boobettes held an inspirational workshop for our camp attendees in Boob cancer awareness.  As a result 2 people who attended our camps found a lump - both are onward in investigations (we wish them good health).

October 2015 Teenage Cancer Trust 

Olivia Cork was a guest speaker at our Victoria Lunn/Teenage Cancer Trust charity ball - immediately after the ball Olivia was in the press as The UK Mobility Group had issued her with an ultimatum to return her adapted car by the end of October or pay £5,500 to keep it.  Olivia lost her leg after battling with cancer - the Teenage Cancer Trust supported her through her poorly times and now Olivia not only holds down a number of jobs but she also travels out volunteering for the TCT.  Active Riders team of fundraisers all decided to donate £500 of our charity money to help her reach her target.  Not only did she over achieve her target but Jane Hargreaves - who was in the audience at our ball - works at Swansway Garages. Jane was instrumental in mobilising Swansway to GIVE OLIVIA A BRAND NEW CAR. 

We decided to still give Olivia the £500 on the basis she uses it for expenses to continue to support the TCT - afterwards Olivia posted to the Active Rider facebook group  - "Thank you for the cheque to help me continue what I'm doing, you're all amazing!! Xx" Press release here 

 October 2014 - Bolton Hospice

Zoe Milton booked onto our October 2014 Dressage camp and cancelled due to Terminal Cancer.  Zoe was 28 years old, a keen dressage rider & was married with a 20 month old son.

We decided to do more than just accept and refund her booking

We mobilised our customers, friends, face book friends and everyone who we knew or didn't know and asked for help.  This was our Just Giving Page - we wanted to raise £10k pounds for Bolton Hospice for her and ended up raising much more. Thank you to every single person who donated money, gifts, time and love to this appeal.

Active Rider raised £84,630 for Bolton Hospice in just 11 weeks for Zoe Milton's cause

Our training bursary was set up for customers like Zoe. 

Zoe started something with us - ever since our fundraising for her we have continued to raise money & donate for good causes as well as offer a training bursary.

Huge thank you to the fundraising team:

  • Jaime Sanderson
  • Becky Penty
  • Nadine Willis
  • Lucy Warbrick
  • Holly Jay Charnock
  • Angela Grimes

These are the famous FUND RAISING ROTTIS, fearless, determined, gritty ladies who never fail to impress.  Thank you sincerely - we are totally in awe of your continued involvement to raise money for good causes. 



October 2014 Teenage Cancer Trust 

"As there's been lots of talk on the Active Rider facebook group this week about Jane Walker's training bursary scheme......I thought I would fess you lot know this year Ive had a fight on my hands with ovarian cancer diagnosed a year ago but with treatment and surgery I am now clear (Im still on a maintenance drug) it thankfully isn't very strong so I am enjoying my horse again mucking out and riding five times a week (when time allows) as I am also working full time too !! about 6 weeks or so ago I put on here that I was looking to do a camp next year but needed transport help so the lovely Nikki Armitage came up trumps.......when I booked my place I was very generously offered a bursary by Jane !!! Which of course I accepted as Ive been on camps before and always had a ball.....I am booked onto Sept as is Clare Higgins who I can't wait to meet......its refreshing in the days of a dark economy.....that a woman running a business puts the needs of her happy customers first before her own monetary ones.....which is probably one of the things that keep us coming back time after time I am hoping the camp will help me achieve my dream of eventing.......its currently a pipe dream but we will see what happens xxxxxxx" Victoria Louise Lunn - Sadly Victoria lost her battle to live on 6.12.14 RIP Victoria Lunn 

In October 2015 Active Rider ran on line Auctions again and also held a Charity Ball in Victoria's memory - we raised £22.300.00 in 4 weeks for the Teenage Cancer Trust.


September 2013 "I was given a bursary from Active Rider for September's camp 2013 and I am truly grateful to Active Rider for believing I could get through the darkest time if my life. Diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma then given 2 years to live after numerous amounts of treatment Active Rider threw me a lifeline and gave me a reason not to give up. September's camp was amazing and I look forward to many more now I've been given the all clear. Thank you x" Claire Higgins

December 2013 "Active Rider donated 2 x £20 off vouchers for the NEIGH TO CANCER DRESSAGE EVENT on 29th Dec - run by Jamie Sanderson

Summer 2014 "I would like to say a massive thank you for choosing me ! My mum was diagnosed with cancer in October 2011 a year later she got the all clear but sadly in April 2013 we were told that there was nothing more they could do and we lost her. It was the hardest couple of years of my life. The past year was unlike most 18 year old's but I have tried my hardest to remain positive and strong with the help of family friends and of course taffy my welsh sec d. If I am having a bad day I can always count on him to make me laugh and bring a smile to my face. I am so grateful for this opportunity and again can not thank everyone involved enough xx" Linda Bowles

Summer 2014 "Last month, I lost my mother to Ovarian Cancer at the tender age of 69.   She had fought long and hard but finally she could fight no longer.  My Mum was a well respected horse woman having ridden for the majority her life bringing both her daughters into the horsey world and introducing many others as well. 

I lived at home with my mum following her diagnosis and supported my Dad who was her full time carer and whilst trying to carry on my mum's legacy with our beloved Lily and continue with a full time job.  I was convinced by a close friend to attend the Active Rider Camp earlier this year as she felt the intense work would help with Lily's development.  It did so much more than that. My Mum managed to visit me at camp and it was the highlight of her year.  As Somerford is relatively flat it was easier for her to get around, the instructors included her in the lessons.  She was in her element and it gave both me and my dad a break from what had become the norm for us, allowing us to be a normal family again enjoying time together.  I will never forget this time spent together.

This year Active Rider will hopefully provide a different kind of relief.  One of the last conversations I had with my mum was that I was attending camp this year.  It put the light back in her eyes.  This year I hope that the support, atmosphere of Active Rider will help me and my dad cope with the loss of the most amazing woman in our life, help Lily develop and be able to go forward like Mum wanted her to and be a time when I can look back on one of the most enjoyable weekends I spent with my Mum and the joy it gave her in her final year. 

There are no words to express my gratitude to Jane Walker not only for the Bursary, the support, training and escape that Active Rider can give those touch by cancer, whether patients or families but the memories that I now hold in my heart". Emma and Philip Hopkinson