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All sorts of training for all sorts of riders
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Our aim is to provide a thrilling and affordable training experience.

Each event is monitored so that we can continue to improve on the facilities, procedures and overall experience for the riders and their horses. Riders are surveyed to provide the opportunity for attendees to have an input to shape future events.

On this page you can see some of the feedback we have received and why many riders come back time and time again.

Emma Harwood - Sept 2015

A Massive THANKYOU to you and your team for this weekend.

From the moment we arrived to moment we left ,I had the best horsey time EVER.

Food was delicious , Lessons/Instructors were brilliant with us , Fellow Active Riders so nice and encouraging... Loved every minute.

Really admire you for achieving such a fantastic organisation, you really have got this set up to perfection.

Anne Llewelyn - Sept 2015
It is impossible to put into words how much these weekends mean to me, fun, good companionship and one never stops improving in technique and giving your horse new experiences. The relaxation, no pressure and subliminal equestrian improvement ethos is amazing for someone who lives a very pressurised business and personal life

9 -11 May 2014 -Sam Cunliffe
I am shattered so is the horse but can not wait to come again and come on so much in one weekend 

9 -11 May 2014 - Rosie Johnson
Really enjoyed it - thank you

9 -11 May 2014 - Victoria Greetham
I am knackered and can not wait for a long hot bath!  Had a fantastic time 

9 -11 May 2014 - Nina Burton
I am knackered but its brilliant, I think Fred liked it too!

9 -11 May 2014 - Sarah Hinton
I will be back again!

9 -11 May 2014 - India
I had the time of my life - my confidence has grown and I will be back again

9 -11 May 2014 - Judith Rutnam
Really excellent - came away feeling so much better - cant wait till the next one

9 -11 May 2014 - Charlie Madeley
I became John Travolta for a night - we also managed to canter round a SJ course for the 1st time ever

9 -11 May 2014 - Delia Edwards
It was totally amazeballs - I am shattered but in a good way - I cant wait for the next time 

9 -11 May 2014 - Amy Shorrock
Had a great time - had to bring a friends horse due to lameness and had a lot of fun together - we will be back next year again 

9 -11 May 2014 - Jean Berry
Had a fantastic time - with great people and friends. Bestest times are at camp and I cant wait for October 2014

9 -11 May 2014 - Vicki Smith
Would like to move here please I can not wait to go competing now

9 -11 May 2014 - no name
Have really enjoyed my experience - horse and me have learnt loads

9 -11 May 2014 - Wendy Mayo
Will come again - had a great time

9 -11 May 2014 - Helen McAskill
I loved it!

9 -11 May 2014 - Lisa Dyson
Feel like I have done  the Olympics!  Confidence is key!! A great opportunity to spend quality time with your horse

9 -11 May 2014 - Paige Thompson

It was amazing experience where I learnt so much - even though I got soaked!

9 -11 May 2014 - Beth HB
Loved every minute of it - even through the rain !

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