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All sorts of training for all sorts of riders
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Our aim is to provide a thrilling and affordable training experience.

Each event is monitored so that we can continue to improve on the facilities, procedures and overall experience for the riders and their horses. Riders are surveyed to provide the opportunity for attendees to have an input to shape future events.

On this page you can see some of the feedback we have received and why many riders come back time and time again.

6th Sept 2013 - Jan Crookes
Really enjoyed and benefited from the experience and fun

6th Sept 2013 - Kate Pemberton
I dont want to go home

6th Sept 2013 - Charlie Madeley
I am an active Addict!

6th Sept 2013 - Georgy Progey
Now I am an addict - I am burgling old ladies to feed my habit,  I am a monster that can not be stopped.....

6th Sept 2013 - Sarah Cooke
I can now jump XC!

6th Sept 2013 - Heather Kirby
Really enjoyed it

6th Sept 2013 -no name
Loved it!  Standard of tuition above average and so well organized but very friendly. thank you  Jane

6th Sept 2013 - Siobham Adam
Amazing, Amazing, amazing

Julie Thwaites - May 2013
Had a great time

Nikki Armatage - May 2013
Had a great experience - had great fun and most of all achieved everything I wanted to do with my horse

Millie - Crowe Stead - May 2013
I enjoyed every min of it - builds your confidence and you achieve something everytime

Shelley Johnson - May 2013
Amazing time - Really well organized - fab trainers, and staff - real fun and friendly atmosphere - everyone was talking as non competitive 10/10

Debbie Johnson - May 2013
Non Competitive - everyone got on , fab funny time, good staff and trainers would definitely do it again - worth the money

Sally Blackledge - May 2013
I lost my bottle and got it back - confidence increase - lots of bottle in the evenings too! thank you

Jennifer Clark - May 2013
Had an amazing time - i will definitely be coming back again - everyone was really friendly and it has been a fun weekend - worth every penny

Laura Dixon - May 2013
Had an amazing first time - been a real good experience for young horse and lots of useful instruction and friendly people - thank you

Charlie Madeley - May 2013
Had a fantastic time and met some lovely people - we will be back 

Jenny Davis - May 2013
Found it fun, informative, great experience for both horse and rider - very stimulating!

Susan Thwaite - May 2013
Had a great weekend - great trainers, really enjoyed it 

Janis Collins - May 2013
Had another fab time, I have again exceeded my goals and given myself and Paddy confidence

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