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All sorts of training for all sorts of riders
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Our aim is to provide a thrilling and affordable training experience.

Each event is monitored so that we can continue to improve on the facilities, procedures and overall experience for the riders and their horses. Riders are surveyed to provide the opportunity for attendees to have an input to shape future events.

On this page you can see some of the feedback we have received and why many riders come back time and time again.

Janet Mooney -Diva 2014
Loved every minute - came on my own and met new and old friends - new horsey has enjoyed it too - thank you for running the best camp ever!

Samara Swan - Diva 2014
Can now count and figured out my left from my right - very helpful in half pass! I am no longer a Diva in denial !

Linda Johnston - Diva 2014
Great weekend of fun and lessons - lovely to see faces again

Diane Pilip - Diva 2014
It was the best weekend Ive had for a long time - thank you very much

Holly Charnock - Diva 2014
I am looking at the dates of the next camps to see when I can come again!

Gemma Southern - Diva 2014
I had a fab weekend - it was my first time but I did not feel like a newbie!

Leigh Francis April 2014
Achieved so much more than I expected this has given me a great start to XC

Elaine Melling - April 14
Believe this is a must for all - I cant wait to come back - great people and tuition - see you soon - thanks!

Alison Southworth April 14
Loved it and will be booking again

Summer Baker April 14
Everything was amazing I would come back and recommend it to anyone, instructors great, food amazing and amazing entertainment

Lucy Yates april 14
I would definitely come back to every one iI had the chance

Wendy Godfry april 14
It was a superb weekend I enjoyed every minute 

Becky Nunn april 14
Have had so much fun and made some great friends - I have achieved more than expected and now feel ready to go have fun this summer

Vicki Cookson april 14
Had an excellent, informative, energizing and exhausting experience, bring on 2015

Rebecca Wagstaff april 14
Have learnt how to progress to the next steps in a friendly fun environment - really enjoyed it cant wait till next one

Elaine Brewer april 14
Thanks again for a fab weekend

Groom/helper -April 14
I have had so much fun , met new people and even though I have not ridden in the lessons I have picked up a lot

Claire Muir April 14
thank you so much for yet another fab weekend , great to see friends made at the last camp and new friends

Debra Ashworth April 14
Gained so much from it, this was my first experience and will definitely come back

no name April 14
I have already booked on for another one! loved it

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