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Cyclo-ssage Massage Systems

Cyclo-ssage Massage Systems

Using multi-directional, non-invasive, cycloidal massage, the Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine and Pro Personal Massage Systems offer a host of benefits to both horse and rider via lightweight, portable and easy to use Systems. The German manufactured Systems are already being used and favoured by top riders across the country, including Richard Davison, Tim Stockdale and Polly Stockton.

The Pro Equine Massage System offers easy-to-use cycloidal massage via fourteen programmable units which cover the main muscle groups from the poll to the hind quarters. A number of benefits have been achieved with the use of the System. With regular use horses have been seen to warm up better, and are more relaxed before, during and after exercise. As well as this the following benefits have also been noted:·         Easing of muscle pain and tension ·         Improvement of spinal and joint mobility ·        Reduction of lactic acid build up - aiding quick recovery after exercise  ·         Stimulation of the lymph system ·         Evacuation of metabolic products ·         Detoxification ·         General relaxation ·         Accelerated recovery after injury ·         Increased circulation and transportation of oxygen ·         Reduction of muscle wastage in horses on box rest·         Improved recovery after travelling 

The Pro Personal Massage System incorporates cycloidal massage and infra-red heat therapy through an easy-to-use, portable and programmable massage unit. It is common knowledge that a vast number of riders suffer from aches and pains and by reducing these discomforts performance can be greatly improved, helping achieve a greater partnership between horse and rider and increase results! The following key benefits have been noted with regular use of the system:

·         Reduced back pain

·         Assistance in the management of arthritis and joint conditions

·         Improved lymphatic system

·         Increased blood circulation

·         General stress relief and relaxation

·         Help managing sleep disorders

·         Improved concentration levels

·         Quicker recovery after injury

·         Warm up and cool down before and after exercise

·         Medically approved for use with chronic conditions, VAT free supply possible.

Cyclo-ssage will be offering free demonstrations at Active Rider Camps for both horse and rider so you can feel for yourself the benefits. For more information contact Cyclo-ssage on 0800 169 2808 / 01443 815 496 or visit

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