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The medical benefits include increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, relaxation of muscles and increased joint mobility, which in turn produces better movement and performance.


Used on a daily basis, the Equissage pad will provide a deeply beneficial circulatory massage, and can be placed over rugs without loosing its effectiveness.


Equissage can be used before exercise to ‘warm-up’ and after exercise to ‘warm-down’ and prevent stiffness.


Helping to promote general health and well-being, the Equissage pad also helps to condition the horse’s skin and coat.


The Equissage Hand Unit, which should be used in conjunction with the Equissage Pad, can be used to help treat specific problems such as; tendon and ligament problems, pulled muscles and thick-winded horses.


For further information about Equissage, please contact 0800 072 1180 or visit

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