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Ginny Patterson

Ginny Patterson

As a Leading International Animal Communicator, Animal Healer & Pet Psychologist Ginny's personal portfolio includes:

Pet psychology & behaviour, Animal energy healing, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal and Colour therapies, Emotional freedom techniques, Quantum touch, Adult Education Teacher/training and development, Teacher/trainer in psychic & mediumistic studies and personal development, Grief & bereavement counselling, Lecturer & trainer in Alzheimer's disease and the care of dementia, mental health, Counselling in the development of adult learning, NVQ Assessor, HNC Social Care Management Diploma Social Work, Registration, Inspection & Quality Control in Community Care.

Ginny's professional background provides an excellent bases for her work with people and their animal companions. Her skills and understanding of human and animal psychology/relationships/energy exchange has gained International recognition.

Ginny has been described as a key bridge linking people with their animal's most inner thoughts and feelings. Her ability allows her to telepathically connect with animal's thoughts, feelings, experiences of events past and present and any physical discomforts. In an advisory capacity Ginny continues to assist animal rescue shelters, trainers and animal guardians to gain a deeper level of understanding about an animals specific needs and behaviour.

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