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Ken Scott

My name is Ken Scott and I started riding after I became fed up running after my wife-to-be on her pony! Once I sat on dear little Ashes (a 13.2 Connemara cross with a heart of a 17.2!) I was hooked and had to learn to ride. I soon had my own little cob Danny and there began a lifelong attachment to horses that means I am as keen to ride now 35 years later as when I first started.

Ashes was a real character who taught me a lot about horse behaviour. he was a very dominant chap who was always on the lookout for ways to outsmart us, not in a nasty way but cheeky. Up until just before we lost him at age 37 after 25 years, he would try to run of when he was being led to the field. I am sure he was just proving a point. But when you put a beginner on him, he became a saint.

I have always been a keen amateur as up until recently I haven’t had the privilege of working with horses. Like most amateur, one-horse riders I have had my share of problems and confidence sapping issues. One particular issue came after I had to retire my super hunter and evener, George. At 16.2, he was a real gentleman and loved his jumping. Trying to replace him was very difficult and I soon lost my confidence. I looked around for ways to overcome my self-confidence issues and discovered NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming which is a method of using language to give yourself options when you are stuck.

I found that NLP techniques really helped and I found simple techniques to help my confidence which I use to this day and which I now share with riders that I work with. You see, the next step for me was to train as a Master NLP Practitioner so I could pass on my knowledge to others.

It soon became obvious working with riders that confidence was as much a horse issue as a rider one. Without tackling any horse issues, any confidence boosting wasn’t going to work long term. That was the time I discovered the work of Dr Debbie Marsden on Equine Behaviour. I decided to apply to study on her course and I was so glad I had. Using her experience of over 20 years working in the field of Equine Behaviour, Dr Marsden has built up a scientifically based diagnostic procedure that allows the rapid assessment of behavioural issues. The procedure is based on rigorous research and checks for pain and tension signs, only moving on to offer treatment once these are addressed.

Having graduated from this course, I can now offer a fully insured equine behavioural assessment service that really works. No gadgets, DVDs or tricks, just what used to be called good ‘horse-sense’!


Ken Scott

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