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USG’s FlexiPlus EquiAirbag® won the BETA Innovation Award 2013 for Safety and Security. Trials at some Active Horse camps

USG’s body protector FlexiPlus EquiAirbag® is a trendsetter in every respect.The combined body protector and airjacket just recently won the BETA Innovation Award 2013 for Safety and Security. Judges’ comments: „The USG Equiairbag is an intelligent design which allows the rider to bend fully as the inflation is at the back protecting the spine. It is light and comfortable to wear providing much needed protection.”


Due to these unique attributes, German Eventing Stars like Ingrid Klimke, Sara and Frank Ostholt, Kai-Steffen Meier and many more have been trusting in this product made by USG United Sportproducts Germany for years. They value the combination of a Level-3 body protector with its ultra flexible block structure system and the EquiAirbag® jacket for an all round protection of their spine.

USG’s FlexiPlus EquiAirbag® is state of the art as regards safety and protection. The body protector “USG Flexi” offers the maximum level of protection by fully meeting EN 13158-2009 and BETA 2009 Standard, both Level 3. The airjacket is CE certified according to the brand-new EN 1621-4 airbag requirements which makes USG’s FlexiPlus EquiAirbag® the only airbag-protector worldwide meeting both standards.

Apart from the all round-protection of the entire spinal column thanks to the excellent shock absorption of the air jacket, the Level 3 Body protector furthermore reduces the risk of rib fractures and underlying organ damage significantly by fully meeting requirements of LPO and FEI standards. Thanks to its modular design, the Airbag is easily rechargeable when not damaged. It only takes a few seconds to remove it from the back of the body protector, recharge and pull it over the backside of “USG Flexi” again.


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