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Jigsaw MEPT

Jigsaw MEPT

Sue Carr has been in the horse industry for more than thirty-five years, working with damaged horses, the Riding for the Disabled Association and on a commercial yard. In this time Sue has been supported by her husband Tim, a civil engineer with interest in animal welfare and ecology.

They bought the land off Hall Lane, Mawdesley in 2001, then developed the site and cared for horses that would be otherwise put to sleep. 

Meanwhile, many volunteers, some with a mixture of physical and mental disabilities, came to support the charity. We developed individual training programmes for different people to enable them to support the horses. From these beginnings, Mawdesley Equine and People Trust, a registered charity, with the working title Jigsaw was created – making the picture whole.

In 2007 we secured grants through the SITA trust and Lancashire County Council, and a loan from the Rosebud Scheme, to advance our training facilities in order to further enhance our horses’ wellbeing and to reach a wider spectrum of the public. These facilities include an outdoor training area, and a mechanical horse which provides an innovative and unique training opportunity.

What we do....

We offer a relaxed and calm atmosphere where people can learn about horses in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

Working with horses can empower individuals as they build trust and relationships with the horses. It expands their life experiences, teaches them new skills, improves their self-confidence and increases their self-esteem.  This has led to many positive physical and emotional outcomes.

Sue's background..

I have been in the horse industry all my working life. I have trained people and horses from RDA and was Lancashire County Instructor for a period of time as well as a national coach for Special Olympics.

I established Douglas Farm Riding School in Parbold, which I ran for 27 years.  In this time I trained students up to AI, and was myself trained by the late Cyril Johnson. I trained and competed with many horses in all disciplines, but especially show jumping,  as well as running a side-saddle display team.

I sold the yard [now known as Parbold Equestrian Centre] in 2001 and set up Jigsaw in Mawdesley as a place where my old riding school ponies could end their lives comfortably. Soon we were taking in other horses that had nowhere else to go. I had always loved to rehabilitate horses, but the challenge was then to use them to teach people of all types how to be with horses in a good way.

During this period I spent some time in Slovenia learning the classical riding methods used at the Lipica Stud [home of the original Lipizzaners].

My passion to help people ride well and keep horses comfortable, along with a need to provide sustainability for Jigsaw, led me to borrowing the money for Bob the Cob.  Two years on, I think I have proved to the industry what a useful tool it is, with a little help from my friends.



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