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Flexi Works Equine Ltd

Flexi-Works Equine will attend some camps to introduce the innovative new flexi-Girth.  Undoubtedly the most comfortable girth your horse will ever have worn! With a more relaxed fit than your existing girth combined with a flexible central section flexi-Girth allows him complete, unrestricted freedom to breathe so that he can perform to the very best of his ability (research has shown that a restrictive girth can reduce a horses performance by up to a staggering 20%)

The Unique design of  flexi-Girth maintains an even pull on both sides of the saddle at all times, even during the mounting procedure, affording unprecedented saddle stability and giving you the extra confidence to relax & concentrate on your riding.  There will be sample flexi-Girths of both GP & Dressage styles available at all camps, for you to try during a training session and discover for yourself just why flexi-Girths are so special.


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