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Trevor English

Trevor English
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Leading/riding and demonstrating organised dressage clinics advertised in local papers and stable yards with over 200 spectators

Travelling around the North of England and Scotland, Trevor has gained a fantastic reputation teaching up to a high level of Dressage and Show Jumping

Trevor also has many clients in Mallorca and visit sregularly for 1 to 2 weeks at a time assisting in dressage clinics and demonstrations. One individual is now ranked junior number one of the Balearic islands and Mallorca

Due to his reputation, he is regularly asked for advice on the best products in the market place and which products  he would recommend for a particular outcome.


Previously trained by:

  • Belgian National Dressage Champion and Olympic Team Rider 2004
  • Retired Grand Prix Dressage Rider in Holland – Sheila Godfrey
  • 1992 runner up European dressage rider of the year – Lady Joycee
  • European Champion and Badminton Horse Trials winner – Ian Stark
  • Former British 3 Day Event Team  - Charlotte Ridley
  • National/International dressage Champion and Olympic team medallist - Carl Hester.
  • National Dressage Champion in, 4th in the European Championships, 2nd in the Nashua Dressage World Cup and awarded the British Equestrian Federation's Medal of Honour. – Christopher Bartle
  • Individual Silver in the Open European Championships  Hickstead, Team Bronze in Athens Olympic Games - Lisa Wilcox


All previous trainers have been part of his training experiences via regular permanent training; short stay training holidays or monthly/annual clinics.


Feedback from September 2010 Camp at Somerford:

# Got mare & rider sussed very quickly

# lots of basic instruction without making me feel silly - achieved my goal over weekend!

# Simple effective instructions which improved us both!

# Fantastic! learnt more in 2 days than I have in 12 yeard! Great to look at too...

# Didnt have any lessons with Trevor but enjoyed watching him coach

# Gave good advice, encouragement & praise -my horse worked well & Laura too!

# Didnt have Trevor as an instructor but very friendly

# I didnt have lessons with Trevor but I learnt a lot watching him

# Fantastic ! had 2 great lessons

#Fantastic instructor - would want Trevor again next time






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