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Steven Wright - Pilates Coach

Steven Wright - Pilates Coach
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A fully qualified Pilates instructor trained in Mat work Pilates to advanced level and trained to teach Pilates Reformer and Classical Pilates.  Steven has practiced Pilates for 18 years and been teaching full time for six years. He teaches small groups and individuals.

He specializes in teaching sports men and women to improve their performance. He came to teach Pilates to horse riders when he was asked to introduce members of British Dressage to the benefits of Pilates.

The sessions have been going at Myerscough College for two and a half years. He has undertaken a number of mounted workshops with Helen Bradley at Myerscough and Aintree. He uses his ability to assess the biomechanical imbalances in his clients and then tailor the exercises to their needs. He uses exercises specifically chosen to help correct postural and muscular imbalances.

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