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Terms and Conditions

Active Rider Terms & Conditions

By booking a place or attending an Active Rider Event or purchasing a voucher you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, which shall take effect immediately on your booking a place or attending an Event. If you do not agree to be bound by all of the following Terms and Conditions please do not attend an Active Rider Event.

Please note these Terms and Conditions are Copyright to Active Rider. Any breech of our Copyright will mean that we will pursue you though the legal system.



Camp Cost: Shall mean the fee payable to Active Rider in respect of each person attending the Active Rider event. 

Event or Camp: Shall mean the event organised by Active Rider.

Event Premises: Shall mean the Active Rider event location.

Organiser: Shall mean Active Rider whose website is

Participant: Shall mean the member of the general public attending the Active Rider event with their own horse.

Guardian: all attendees under the age of 18 years must be accompanied at all times by an Adult whilst at camp - riders must be 16 years and over to attend.

Specialists & Guests: Shall mean invited experts, organisations, corporations or subject matter individuals present at any Active Rider Events.


Booking & Payment

The participant has agreed to pay: a nonrefundable deposit at the time of booking, to secure the place, with the remaining balance to be paid approx. 8 weeks prior to the event date.

In some events payment is made in full at the time of booking; refer to specific details of the Event.

If balances are not received 6 weeks before the event date your deposit will be forfeited and your place lost.

        We strongly advise that when paying for this event you treat your booking like a holiday and purchase an insurance policy.

Your camp place is not transferable and can not be “sold” or transferred to anyone else.

There will be no rebates or deductions taken from any fees for entering late, leaving early, missing lessons, XC lessons being cancelled due to weather conditions or bringing your own horses forage or shavings.



The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the Event at any time if in the absolute discretion of the Organiser the weather conditions may cause the terrain to become unsafe, there are restrictions on animal movements, if attendance of the Event is poor or the Organiser is no longer able to proceed with the Event due to circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Organiser. If the Organiser cancels the Event, the maximum liability to the Participant shall be the price paid to the organiser to attend the Event. Should Active Rider have to cancel the event due to forces beyond our control a refund less reasonable costs (if any) will be refunded to the participant.

If we cancel an event at short notice due to forces beyond our control, deposits and camp fees are non-refundable.

If the participant wishes to cancel a booking then the booking will be subject to the cancellation policy below.

Any change of dates made by you must be agreed with Active Rider & made / attended within the calendar year of the initial booking – ie: if you book and cancel the April camp – you must move & attend camp before 31 December of the same year.  Failing to do this will render any funds lost.  No camps carry over into the next year.

Any refunds due, excluding the nonrefundable deposit, from Active Rider will be paid electronically, via Worldpay.

You must cancel by email to – cancellation messages by text, Facebook message etc are not permitted nor counted.

       Booking deposit is nonrefundable, refunds will only be provided if the balance has been paid, subject to the below breakpoints.


Cancellation Break Points


Date Term:



Cancel up to 30 days before the event date

You can receive a refund, excluding the nonrefundable deposit OR if a suitable place is available, transfer your place onto a future event*.

(*Less £35 administration costs)

Cancel within 30 days of the event date

If we can re-sell your place, You can receive a refund, excluding the nonrefundable deposit OR if a suitable place is available, transfer your place onto a future event*.

(*Less £35 administration costs)

Cancel within 7 days of the event

No refund & no replacement permitted

Gift Vouchers

Valid 12 months, and are non transferrable and non refundable. T&C’s apply on purchase



When at camp it will NOT be possible to amend riding levels, disciplines, coaches or times. If you do not like the level, discipline, coach or time of your lesson at camp it may be impossible to change whilst at camp –you will need to withdraw from the lesson and there will be no refund made for you dropping out of any sessions.

You must be a minimum of 16 years old to attend Active Rider camps – anyone under 16 years must be escorted all weekend by an adult over 18yrs.

At some events, Active Rider takes pictures and sometimes video/film footage. We reserve the right to publish all images/footage unless you tell us not to.

We will email you approx 8 weeks before the event date - this email will contain a link to a form you fill in to confirm what riding levels you want to train at.  You will be sent this as a reminder and be asked to validate or change this within a time period.  Following this, Active Rider develops the riding timetable.  If you change your riding levels after the timetable is developed - it might be that we cannot accommodate your change of level or discipline at camp in the timetable. In this instance Active Rider could cancel your place and the cancellation T&C breakpoints will apply. It is your responsibility to review all communication from Active Rider as we issue them in your interest.

We do not guarantee to give you specific trainers, times etc when requested - we put the timetable together on a best endeavours basis, no guarantee is made, implied or offered to meet any preference you have requested.

Trainers, specialists, presenters, caterers and riding schedules are subject to change at any time and without notice. In this event attendees will be notified as soon as practical and no refund will be made as a result of these changes.

Please respect the facilities we attend and leave no litter around

Private use of any the schools (subject to availability) must be booked and paid for directly by you with the centre.  You are not permitted to use any ménage or other facility (e.g. the XC course) outside of your lesson timetables. If you are caught using other facilities you will be asked to pay for its usage. This includes hook ups and farm ride useage.

Specialists & Guests or Subject Matter persons are sometimes invited to participate at Active Rider Events and may have products or services to sell. Active Rider takes no responsibility for contracts or engagements you enter into with any of these persons or organisations. As part of our due diligence we endeavour to research the suitability of these persons to attend our events and look for value to be added to the Active Rider experience. Should you transact for services or products with a Specialist or Guest or Subject Matter persons you will need to perform your own due diligence and suitability checks. Active Rider takes no responsibility for any commercial engagements you make with any of these persons or organisations.

Owners of barefoot horses please note - If you attend with your horse barefoot, in our experience some horses may go unlevel/sore dependent upon ground conditions. You may be advised not to continue should your horse look unlevel.  This is purely to protect the horses welfare.

Should you purchase a “gift voucher” from Active Rider – these are not transferable or refundable and expire within 12 months of the date of issue.  Each “gift voucher” issued is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Data Protection Act 2018 By booking on and accepting these T&C's you must understand that information you are giving will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 but may also be made available to Insurers and other concerned parties in the event of any injury or accident.  This includes sharing of any confidential medical information you have shared with Active Rider - we will share this in confidence with our coaches at our events to make sure they know of any risks or previous injury’s.  This also affects any claim in respect to your horse attending or bringing to camp any disease.  We also publish to the internet attendee’s names of those who successfully registered to attend the camps when they open for booking.

Stables and all facilities must be exited by 3pm at Somerford Park on the last day of camp.

Riding lessons may start at 7.30am on the Sunday, this is to accommodate Somerford Park’s        change in policy of  exiting camps by 3pm on the last day of camp. By booking on you deem to accept this potential start time. Active Rider will be unable to give riders a later start time by request, so please be prepared for this.

Participant Code of Conduct

Participants must comply with all reasonable instructions given by Active Rider and must observe all regulations issued by Active Rider for the Event.

If the Participant is in breach of these Terms and Conditions Active Rider shall be entitled to expel the Participant, without incurring any liability or refund.

Riders & Horses must keep to designated horse areas.

Active Rider reserves the right to refuse to admit or expel any person at any time

If you are under 18 years of age, a guardian must accompany you. At all times, children must be supervised by the accompanying guardian.

If you as the participant act in any competitive or illegal behaviour whilst on camp you may be asked to leave and all monies forfeited.

Riders must arrive at activities ensuring that their tack is "fit for purpose" - this could involve the trainer sending you back and asking you not to participate in an activity should your tack not be fit for purpose - example using a dressage saddle for a XC lesson.  This will mean you miss your activity with no refund given.

Participants must have adequate insurance and public liability and will take full responsibility for any damage caused by themselves, their guests and their horses.

Each horse is the responsibility of its owner, and all activities are undertaken at your own risk.


The Participant must not do or permit within the Event:

Anything which shall be a nuisance or which in the opinion of the organiser is contrary to the character of the event or enjoyment of participants.

Any entertainment or other activity for which a special license is required, if any laws/rules are broken in this instance you are liable - not Active Rider

Anything that may involve a risk of injury or annoyance to anyone or anything present in or on the Event Premises.

Any abusive language or behaviour towards other Participants, event organisers or trainers, will not be tolerated.

The participant must not possess or consume illegal or performance enhancing drugs for either human or equine consumption.

The participant must not bring dogs to Somerford Park Farm or they may be expelled without refund

The Participant must not smoke in or near any venue building and must ensure that any cigarettes are completely extinguished.


Event Premises

The Participant is liable for any damage caused by them or their guest to property belonging to the organiser, the owners of the event premises or any other Participants. Both you and your horse must be fully and comprehensively insured.  This includes breaking any facility owned equipment and any damage caused to the facility by you or your animals in charge.

Any damage caused by The Participant must be reported immediately and will involve payment whilst at the event from the Participant to the Venue to fix. Damage includes but is not limited to, broken SJ poles, fillers and wings.

In the event of inclement weather some venues may switch or cancel disciplines. The impact of this generally affects the cross country lessons. Cancellation at events of the use of that area (or others) is a decision made either by the venue themselves or Active Rider. This decision to cancel is based on health and safety. This could affect other lessons taking place, as arenas may have to be shared out to accommodate everyone. This decision is only made in exceptional conditions. An example of cancelled XC lessons at Somerford Park might mean that the XC lessons are switched for a ride round the winter farm ride (with jumps) - this might make XC lessons not doable due to the distances between jumps & it might be that you partake on the winter farm ride instead of your XC lessons. 

You are asked to inspect the Stables, Pavilion and all riding areas before use and inform us if you are not satisfied with the condition of the facilities.

If the facilities are not left as you found them a breakage and cleaning charge determined by the venue owner will apply to you.

If you are caught hooking up to the electric hook up without paying and displaying a sticker you will be asked to pay for it and may be told to leave the camp & venue with no refund.  The venue considers this as theft.

If you are caught using the venues other facilities – ie: ménages not pre booked by Active Rider or the facility’s Farm ride etc you will be asked by the venue to pay for everyone on camp - this is especially stipulated at Somerford Park Farm. Again you will be also asked to leave the venue with no refund. The venue considers this as theft.


Health & Safety and Equine Welfare

Any Participant violating camp rules and regulations or using or possessing drugs on or off premises during their stay will be expelled and barred from future events - their fees and expenses will not be refunded.

Any Participant who exhibits emotional, behavioural or psychological conditions, which are disruptive to the camp program or harmful to him/herself or other riders, may be dismissed with no refund.

The Participant shall at all times during the Event comply with all fire, health & safety rules and regulations and any emergency procedures outlined by the Organiser.

Each horse must have a valid and up to date vaccination certificate, completed, signed and stamped up to date on each line by a veterinary surgeon. The vaccination certificate must accompany the horse to Active Rider events and the rider is responsible for producing it on demand.  This will also be confirmed by you on your equine health form completed by you before camp.  For the avoidance of doubt from starting a course the 2nd injection must be done between 21-92 days of the first injection. The third injection must be done between 150-215 days of the second injection. Then annually from then on.  Your horse must have at least the second injection in this course to be able to attend. Should it be found that your horse is not vaccinated correctly you will be unable to attend with that horse and no refund may be offered. 

Active Rider is not liable for any contagious infections borne whilst at camp.  However any horses showing symptoms of illnesses must be diagnosed by a visiting vet (At your expense) and could be taken off site in order to minimize risk to other horses. There is no quarantine facility's at Somerford Park Farm - however there is an on site vet practice who could have isolation boxes.

Horses suffering from any form of infection or contagious disease including strangles, ringworm or contagious skin ailment must not be brought to camp.  The managers or facility owners have the power to require that any horse showing any symptoms or infectious or contagious disease or any other forms of ailment or illness to be examined by vet surgeons (at your expense) and shall be excluded from the event and asked to leave or be moved to any Veterinary facility.

If your horse is stabled on a shared yard and your "block" is deemed clean - please do not attend camp if and when your yard has any contagious infections on it. If we find out about this whilst you are at camp you will be immediately be asked to leave on a "just in case scenario" with no refund.

Any horse deemed unsound by the trainers may be excluded from lessons and no refund offered.

Protective clothing must be worn at all times when around horses & riding. i.e.: hard hats to latest British standards, with chinstrap, boots and heels, long sleeves. See protectors to British standards must also be worn. (None fixed peak hat and body protector are mandatory for cross-country lessons). Please note, body protector minimum standards here see for full details.

Neck Straps are advised to be worn at all times on novice or young horses – this is within you the Participants control and we strongly advise you do this for your own safety.

Participants must notify the Organisers of any issue relating to their horse that may be relevant to Health & Safety within the Event. (i.e. biting/kicking/stallions etc). Active Rider will not be held responsible for participants being injured by their own or other rider’s horses.

Participants are advised to not enter into stables, or ride horses that are not their own property.