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October 9-11 2020 : Somerford Park

Active Rider Horsecamp : £TBC

  Welcome to the GOLD STANDARD in Horse Camps!

Kick start your 2020 season with a highly motivational weekend.  Brilliant coaches with the ability to motivate all types of horses and riders!  All levels of horses & riders are most welcome.

If you want to know anything more about our events please do contact us above or engage with our customers on Facebook .

3.8 Camp cost in 2019 was £265 - we are just waiting for 2020 costs - but should be in similar ballpark. If you want to come please click on the register to attend button and we will be in touch, after the camp is full - the list becomes a wait list.

 Trainers booked so far:

What you get for your money:

  • 2 hours training per day Sat & Sun - 1 hour duration per lesson in 2 disciplines -  choose from SJ in small groups, Dressage in pairs* or XC in small groups
  • Stable, 2 x bales shavings, haylage all weekend
  • 2 x pm meals cooked on site by a professional chef
  • Bacon & muffin am or pastrys
  • Optional extra XC training on the Friday - (£25)
  • Optional 1-1's with visiting specialists and workshops some have a small nominal cost attached - approx £15 - £20 - nothing like the cost of these experts visiting your place! You will not get bored with us!
  • We sometimes use Rider and Trainer radios at camp! You may experience them in use for some of your lessons.
  • Emails sent to you showing a Draft riding timetable then a Firm riding timetable, no surprises with us!

Please note we can no longer offer 2 x flat lessons on this camp -if you want to do 2 x flat lessons a day please do book onto our Dressage Diva camp.  We limit this camp to 14 flat riders to accomodate the timetable.

Active Rider run the most professional & friendly camps in the UK. 

We have lots of specialists, experts and workshops in attendance at our camps.  We do not publish to the inernet actual specifics.  This is only because it is widely known that Active Rider run the best and busiest events in the UK and publishing the detail helps people who try to copy us! If you want to know anything - speak to our customers here on Facebook

 This event is suitable for all levels of riders from beginners to 1mtr jumpers.