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30 Aug -1 Sept 2019 : Somerford Park

Active Rider Novice Rider camp : £280

20.7.19 please click on the right to apply

  Welcome to the GOLD STANDARD in Horse Camps!

Imagine a camp full of like minded people with similar abilities & challenges.  This camp is just for Novice Riders.

Coaches are:

  • Stephen Thompson
  • Guy Reynolds
  • Jane Rigby
  • Stella Wright

What you get for your money over these 2.5 days:

  • Optional extra lesson on arrival day at a nominal cost
  • 2 x semi private flat lessons (one each day - 45 mins in a pair)
  • 1 x SJ  = Show Jumping or poles (you choose which)
  • 1 x XC schooling lesson or riding on a field with or without natural obstacles (you choose what level)
  • Workshops and 1-1's aimed to get our Novice riders really confident, balanced and enjoying your horses !

Please note updated Terms and Conditions  - also please join our facebook group

We have lots of specialists, experts and workshops in attendance at our camps.  We do not to publish actual specifics on the internet.  This is only because it is widely known that Active Rider run the best and busiest events in the UK and publishing the detail helps people who try to copy us! If you want to know anything - speak to our customers here on Facebook

Active Rider run the most professional & friendly camps in the UK - suitable for all.


This camp is suitable for the absolute beginner & beginner riders -no one will be jumping on this camp more than 75cms! It will be more like poles and small crosses.

  If you want to jump - please attend the Active Rider Horsecamp's in early April or Early September. This camp is for Novice Riders and is NOT aimed at established riders* on Novice Horses.

(*said with respect for our Novice riders and established riders - we just want Novice riders on this camp please & it is ok for a novice rider to come on a novice horse!)

Please do not book on unless you are a genuine novice rider.